Open class rallies are rally events, which do not require FIA homologated cars, but follow their own set of rules. Several countries have already annouced national regulations, which allow open class rally cars to compete up to national championship level. Just look for Open N, Open NR4 or N4WD. You can drive these cars in US, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, New Zealand, Lithuania, Estonia and a few other places.  Check your local ASN regulations or let us know and we will do it for you.


The N group cars from Subaru & Mitsubishi are at least ten years old – they look old and they are not attractive anymore. Homologated replacement parts are also a bit too expensive. This is where Open N / NR4 come into play. The idea of this class is to offer an attractive design and a decent performance, while keeping the running cost under control.  Open N / NR4 class allows N group car owners to reuse their existing N group components to build modern looking vehicles. Open N / NR4 also means less restrictions and more freedom for teams. You can freely choose many replacement parts  (brakes, turbo, suspension) as long as you follow simple regulations defined by ASN.


Fabia EVOLVE is the perfect example of rally car design for Open N / NR4 class. It’s built around modern Fabia chassis, which looks similar to the current R5 car. It is equipped with Subaru engine, drivetrain and Subaru N/R4 group components, with several improvements over typical N group design. Fabia Evolve uses modern BorgWarner turbo with fresh-air antilag well known from WRC as well as improved electronics. It’s also much lighter than N group car. It weights 1260kg, when ready to drive.

It is perfect option for drivers and teams upgrading from N group, looking to drive an attractive car with all wheel drivetrain. It offers all wheel drive experience at the cost below 50% of R5’s.


Bodyshell: custom designed by Evolve – original chassis from Skoda and Evolve’s custom parts like wheel arches, rear floor and CNC machined suspension mounts. FIA certified roll cage. Painted white, Lexan 4mm windows. R5 spoiler.
Engine: EJ20 Subaru 2.0 turbocharged with FIA regulated restrictor (33mm), +300HP on race fuel
Electronics: Cosworth SQ6 ECU with Cosworth diff controller, Motec PDM32 & keypad. Mil-spec wiring. Cosworth Omega display. 3 antilag & 5 differential modes, launch control.
Turbo: BorgWarner with fresh-air antilag
Gearbox: 5 speed dogbox Modena with flatshift
Drivetrain: AWD with STI mechanical differentials
Suspension: Subaru N14/R4 with ball bearing & SX Racing dampers tarmac spec
Brakes: Alcon 6 pistons with Tilton pedal box.
Interior: FIA homologated Sparco Pro ADV seats and HANS compatible Sparco harness
Wheels: Lightweight alloy 18×8′′
Weight: 1260kg
Price: 110k EUR (presented configuration),