Two months ago, when we received an invitation from Darko Peljhan to present our cars to Slovenia’s drivers and ASN, we felt that we couldn’t miss this opportunity. Darko is a well know Slovenian driver with 25 years of rally experience and more than 170 finished rallies to his name. A few weeks later we were travelling to Idrija, the small & beautifully located city in western Slovenia.

Darko runs the VW dealership and service in Idrija, just by the river Idrijca, a popular destination for fly fishermen from all over the world. This is not a typical dealership, as most of the place is occupied by Darko’s rally cars and old classics – the Golf Rallye was one of our favourites. There are also hundreds of Darko’s trophies and photos taken during his rally career, making this place special for any rally fan.

Slovenia’s population is just 2 million people, but there are more rally drivers per square km than anywhere else in the world. We were not surprised as they do probably have the best tarmac special stages 🙂 During one day we talked with more than a hundred people, discussing sport, cars, regulations or just funny stories from the past. It was a real joy to meet so many motorsport enthusiasts.

We didn’t have a lot of time to explore tourist attractions, but we found the time to check out Slovenian cuisine. We had Idrijski žlikrofi in the restaurant in center of Idrija and it was pretty wonderful. We hope to return soon, as except the food we also need to experience the Slovenian rallies. Till then, enjoy the photos.

Evolve Team