Polish Rally Championship promises a decent show this year both for the competitors and for the spectators. The 2017 calendar is a combination of traditional Polish rallies and a few new events.

5 tarmac &1 gravel event

1st round Rajd Świdnicki taking place in the third week of April is well known and popular with the crowds. Organizers for 2nd rally have prepared the only gravel round in Polish Championship in the north of Poland called Rally Gdański Baltic Cup. The competition id expected to give fresh air in terms of gravel driver skills as for the last few years, gravel rallies in Poland were rather non existent.

3rd is planned for August and it will take place just after WRC Rally Poland, which is the biggest rally festival in Poland. The Rally Rzeszowski will be a combination of RSMP round and European Rally Champions (ERC). It is expected be a very good test of driving pace for Polish rally drivers compared to European level.
4th and 5th round are the classics of rallies in Poland- Rally Dolnośląski and Rally Nadwiślański. The characteristics of Dolnośląski is comparable to Świdnicki. The Nadwiślański is very fast one on narrow lanes which are quiet slippy.
The last round of Polish Championship is Rally Śląski which is ( a new position?/ new event?) in Poland. It should be a good test for drivers who drive the same special stages year after year. We will see how they deal with new rally and new challenges.
6tth round- 5 tarmac and 1 gravel promises a good year for Polish rallies. We can expect on around 5 R5 class cars and another 5 in OPEN N. This year the OPEN 2WD competition also looks pretty nice.

2017 Calendar

Rajd Świdnicki KRAUSE-Automobilklub Sudecki  (21-23.04.2017)

Rajd Gdańsk Baltic Cup-SSS Automobilklub Orski (26-28.05.2017)

Rajd Rzeszowski-Automobilklub Rzeszowski (03-05.08.2017)

Rajd Nadwiślański-Automobilklub Polski (08-10.09.2017)

Rajd Dolnośląski-Automobilklub Ziemi Kłodzkiej (28-30.09.2017)

Rajd Śląska-Automobilklub Ziemi Tyskiej (13-15.10.2017)